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Tim Lukei

Tim Lukei is the Men’s Pastor of Mariners Church in Irvine California. He has over 20 years of ministry experience and has been on staff at Mariners since 2008. Tim has been married to Korrie since 2006 and has 3 kids (Maverick, Sawyer, Greenlee).

They live by the beach and enjoy all things in and out of the ocean, and love to travel and create family adventures. Tim is a dynamic leader with an entrepreneurial approach to ministry that has proven successful repeatedly at Mariners.

Since Tim began leading the Men’s ministry at Mariners since 2016, the ministry has seen 300% growth. Along with numerical growth, he has moved the median age from 55+ to a thriving, multigenerational, youthful ministry of men that span from their 20’s through the 90’s. Men of Mariners now has over 100 men’s life groups meeting and serving regularly. Men of Mariners has 3 annual retreats (Kayak, G4, Man Camp) with up to 400 men in attendance and many intentional environments for men to engage with the church and deepen their faith.

Tim believes when you activate the heart of men and they encounter Jesus everything changes. The marriage is changed, the fathering is changed, the workplace, the neighborhood, and the church all becomes better.

Tim Lukei and family on train tracks