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Man Camps

Men need to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and embark on a transformative journey on a Man Camp Weekend adventure in the great outdoors. MRC has a proven 2 night 3 day experience to help your church build a transformative and life changing weekend for the men at your church and community. Men need space in their lives to be in nature to connect with God the creator, experience the beauty and peace, and build community and laughter with other guys.

Why Man Camps:


MRC has hosted 7 Man Camps with over 400 men attending each year and has seen hundreds of men’s lives radically transformed.


We have seen; Marriages restored, strongholds and addictions broken, families restored and healed, physically healing, countless men standing and recommiting and making first time commitments to follow Jesus.


Community building. God designed us for community and men often isolated or don’t prioritize friendships. Man Camps help building friendships and lasting community.

Care & Recovery

Care & Recovery; Our Man Camps always have next steps off the mountain. We are all in recovery from the fall of man but many men need continued ongoing support and care.


Man Camps build incredible momentum to launch or build your engagement with the Men’s Ministry at your church. What happens in 3 days is equal to a year or more of ministry back at home. The momentum and fire within the men can and should be capitalized to build and grow men at the church congregation.


When you ignite the man you ignite the family, the church, and the world. Man Camps do just that.

What to expect by hiring MRC to host a Man Camp:

  • MRC will work with your leadership team to plan and prepare for your Church Man Camp experience.
  • MRC will customize the Man Camp experience for your church. We build schedules, large group programs, Mancathalon, and Outreach campaign and more.
  • We can provide a worship team, and a speaking team if needed.
  • We will provide exceptional program time to create an entertaining and intentional environment for men to receive the biblical message.